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explaining the situation.... [Saturday March 11th At 5:11PM]
[ mood | disappointed ]

i just got home from my bros baseball games. they lost both of them, the first to tuscolossa county(sp) 9-0 n the second to muscle showls(whos pitcher was awesome!)9-1. stevie scored the only run!yea awesome,i know. ILOVEMELISSA( im glad u feel like that baby)...ohk ive got a lot on my mind so here goes: Jackson, im notmad at u bcuz i think ur gonna steal melissa from me. i dont even think that.im mad cuz i stuck up for u against bird n(i stuck up for curry almost every morning when korey was calling him a dog)u threw it in my face.all that day and at practice i ragged on byrd the whole time. i was mean as crap to him bcuz he did u so dirty with the whole flirting with jordan thing(walking with her in the halls, talking to her ,ect),breaking up with u for jordan, and then going out with her. you told me that none of us(me,curyy,byrd ect)had ever felt like u did. then the next day u walked melissa to her locker n u talked to her n then at the end of the day u hugged her.So i think if u had a right to get mad at bird i have a bigger one to get mad at u. You asked me to help you do somethin to gte back at byrd n even though both of yall are my bestfriends i agreed to help u. So should i get byrd to help me get even with yall?? no i shouldnt bcuz thats not right. weve all been boys for a long time n for some reason u byrd n curry have all dont somethin wrong to one of us , mainly me, but i havnt done n e thing to yall, not once.last year,i told curry i liked a girl so he went and asked her out,byrds alwayz going around siging robs sprung and u tell melissa everything i say.not to mention every morning hearing " uh oh rob here comes your silent moment" that pisses me off pretty bad, but i put up with itcuz we were kewl. then byrd did u wrong then u n curry did me wrong. so when should i get even with yall?? never, you know why?bcuz then i would be just as bad as you are.. friday i told byrd that both of yall were exactly the same n you know what he said" i know"!! so theres no difference in yall at all..... ohk well imk gonna go, peace

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itz been a while [Friday March 10th At 8:40PM]
[ mood | bouncy ]

whats^ people??? itz been forever since i updated but oh well... well i just got home from my bros baseball game(double header)against chelsea, they won both games. the first 9-0 n the second game 3-0. yea stevie scored once yay!(thats 1 of my bros for yall that dont know)anywayz i saw amanda H. at the game. she was my neighbor and she moved from here in 5th grade lol. well she started freakin out when she saw me cuz im like a foot taller then her now lol....geez everyone i know keeps moving : ( but oh well, ive still got the love of my like(thats melissa 4 yall that dont know : ) ) well im gonna go so i guess i`ll talk to yall later but guess what........i love melissa(baby) ALOT!!!yeah well me n jackson n curry arnt kewl n e more but thats along story. WELL IM OUT,PEACE

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4 every1 that dosent know ilovemelissa or thinks i dont [Sunday February 19th At 10:31PM]
[ mood | aggravated ]

this entry is 4 everyone that thinks i dont love melissa or dosent know that i do!! for the past four months and two weeks all ive done is think about melissa. i think about her more than i think about myself. and yeah i know that that sounds weird but its the truth bcuz i really love her.shes my world n i wouldnt trade her for n e thing. yeah in the begining i didnt think this would work but then i had to slap myself for being stupid. if n e body thinks that i like gabby bcuz i made an entry about her in my journal then ur dead wrong. cuz i only like 1 person (and thats melissa for all the idiots) shes my one and only. ive loved her for a long time and i plan to love her 4 longer. all yall that think other wise are dead wrong!!

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[Sunday February 19th At 8:31PM]
[ mood | contemplative ]

holy crap!! y are girls soooo crazy?¿?¿? you tell them that there beautiful n there like no where not. you tell them u love them n there like no u dont!!! lol itz messed up. OMG gabby has officail moved from al n now she lives in fl. thats soo gay!! i called her house sat. n nobody answered. lol it just keep on ringing. nobody bothered to tell me she was movig fri. morning.(thx a bunch to all of yall that knew!) i went to auburn today to visit mah grandparents it was really fun until we had to leave n my grandmotherstarted cring : ( i think im going back next weekend.. well thats it for now.
ilove melissa

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[Saturday February 18th At 6:08PM]
[ mood | lonely ]

hey people. whats ^?¿?¿? nm here. well today was a total waste of time. i just sat here all day n played vedio games. i was gonna go to a baseball game but it got rained out oh well. well thats all 4 now so peace
ilove melissa

betcha' cant do it like me

[Friday February 17th At 11:16PM]
[ mood | sad ]

i luv melissa
and she loves me!!
: )

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[Friday February 17th At 9:33PM]
i love melissa so much! she re-did my journal and i love it even though that is a really bad picture of her. but no matter how ugly she is i still love her so much! well comment and tell me what you think of my new journal.

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[Friday February 17th At 8:03PM]
[ mood | calm ]

whats^kids?¿?¿? nm here. last nite was soooo awesome! me melissa jackson jordan(there goin out now) ashley byrd sharon korey sarah n brooklyn hung out. we tried to have a party for gabby but the kid didnt show!!! oh well we still had fun. we watch like 30 mins of saw II n then byrd started bein a lil girl.lol so we walked around the neighborhood n left all the girls lol well we went back to get them in the end lol then we came back to mah house n watched cry wolf. that movie is a total waste of time n money!! well gabby is officailly moving tomorrow we`ll never get to see u again!! :(. we`ll miss u a ton n we`ll never forget u. we love u n u better call me from florida!!

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whats^ [Sunday February 12th At 12:46PM]
[ mood | calm ]

whats^ people i just got this thing last night(thx to melissa emily n ashley) n i made a promise to update it so here goes: this friday me melissa ryan sharon ashley emily n like a ton of other prople went to the movies n we saw when i starnger calls. it was kinda gay but the ending was ohk.saturday me n melissa ashley n emily hung outn we watched part of scary movie 3 (that movie is soo gay!) then we watched cursed n it was lame but oh well.well i gotta project due tomorrow for mrs. swann so i gotta go.peace. ilove melissa

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[Sunday February 12th At 1:03AM]
[ mood | accomplished ]

this is melissa

i just made robbie a journal!
you better add him!
&& comment♥


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